Tumbleweed Wanderers is a rock band from Oakland, California. The band is composed of Zak Mandel-Romann on vocals, bass, and guitar, Rob Fidel on vocals, guitar, and banjo, Jeremy Lyon on vocals and guitar, Patrick Glynn on keys and mandolin, and Daniel Blum on drums. Their music is a fusion of folk, soul, and rock and roll. The use of banjo and mandolin provide a different musical experience aside from their lively use of the drums, keyboards, bass, and guitars. With Zak, Rob, and Jeremy working on the vocals, their vocal ranges can fit different musical styles that can take their audiences through dark, intimate, energetic, or soulful musical feels.

Tumbleweed Wanderers was formed in 2011. At first, they performed in streets and small cafes until they were discovered and were able to provide entertainment to a wider audience. Indie rock performer John Vanderslice gave them the break that their needed and produced their first album in Tiny Telephone Studios. They became a major hit and their shows at the Great American Music Hall and Bottom of the Hill were a huge success. They have also toured around the United States and Canada to promote their album entitled “So Long.” Their level of performance is exceptional with their raw, loud, and energetic acts which quickly won the fans over.

Tumbleweed Wanderers released an EP entitled “Worn Down Welcome” shortly after their debut album. This kept the fans locked up in their music and they gained a steady set of followers in all their shows and performances who called themselves “Wanderers”. The band released two more albums, Jam in the Van – Tumbleweed Wanderers and Realize. They have produced hit songs such as Roll with the Times, Bag of Bones, Ghost, and Bad Blood.

With the band’s continued pursuit towards musical excellence, there is no wonder that they have achieved so much in such a short period of time. And with their level of performance, the rock music industry is more than willing to give them a share of their spotlight.

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