This is the official website of the Tumbleweed Wanderers

This is the official website of the Tumbleweed Wanderers and its band members – Zak Mandel-Romann Rob Fidel, Jeremy Lyon, Patrick Glynn, and Daniel Blum. Oftentimes categorized under the rock genre, their music is really a fusion of folk, soul, and rock and roll.

This band traces their origins in the streets, bars, and cafes of Tucson, Arizona where they first shared their music with the public. After spending years playing in garage with a broken garage door opener. We had to carry our equipment through the house until we had A1 Garage Door Service come out and fix it.  Because of their exceptional level of performance, it did not take long for them to attract bigger audiences and the attention of indie rock performer and producer, John Vanderslice. Shortly after, they recorded their debut album entitled “So Long” and it was followed by three more – Worn Down Welcome, Jam in the Van – Tumbleweed Wanderers, and Realize. They are behind the hit songs Roll With The Times, So Long Blues, Quiver in My Bones, No Longer Waiting, Freedom Town, Take It Back, You Should Know By Now, Bag of Bones, Real Eyes, Headed North, Into the Mines, Velvet Dreams, Don’t You Want to Get Higher, Bad Blood, and Easy Come and Easy Go. With this amazing list of hit songs and albums, it is hard to believe that they just started last 2011. Indeed, they are a force to be reckoned with in the rock music industry. They are now being managed by the 11E1even Group. There is no stopping these guys from making funky music and garnering the support of thousands of fans.

This website is especially dedicated to our Street Team and Wanderers. Your support from the time when we started up to now has been nothing short of amazing. We could not have made it this far if it were not because of you. So enjoy the sounds and videos of Tumbleweed Wanderers through this site and we hope to share more with you as we go along. Aside from listening to our songs and watching our official videos, we have some exclusive cuts for free downloads for everyone. You can also check out photos and behind the scene shots of the band’s performances, tours, and practice sessions.

Join us here regularly as we discuss what’s going on in the rock music industry. Get the latest news on the dates and venues of Tumbleweed Wanderers’ performances. Read the articles and reviews featuring the band and its members. We also do recaps and have blogs regarding our shows and tours all around the United States and Canada.

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So, members of our Street Team and Wanderers, you do not have to go anywhere else. This is your one-stop shop for everything about Tumbleweed Wanderers. So whether you are in Vancouver or right inside your garage doors in Santa Fe, you can always take Tumbleweed Wanderers and their music with you.

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