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Rock with the Tumbleweed Wanderers.

We are under the management of 11E1even Group. For inquiries and concerns regarding the band, you can contact Mr. Ben Baruch at ben@11e1evengroup.com.

For booking the Tumbleweed Wanderers for your shows, kindly message Mr. Jason Kupperman of Paradigm Talent Agency at jkupperman@paradigmtalent.com.

For press releases and other media-related concerns, you can send an email to Brad Desmond through brad@11e1evengroup.com.

Jon our mailing list for our Wanderers so that we can send you the latest information about the band, photos, and their personal blogs about their experiences.

You can also connect with the Tumbleweed Wanderers on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as we want to get social with all of you. Our Street Team regularly posts photos, videos, and other updates about the band.

For those who want to purchase Tumbleweed Wanderers merchandise, please visit our online shop at Big Cartel.

Thank you for your support and just keep rockin’.


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